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Armrest for Hyundai Matrix

Specific armrest. It is not an universal or adapted product. It has a soft pad and finishing with real stitchings. Made in Italy using only the best quality materials, environment respecting.
Handmade finishing by italian artisans. The Hyundai Matrix armrest coating is made with
cuts of first quality in Eco leather, automotive textile or  in italian genuine leather.

- Completely customizable

- Additional armrest - it is to fit over and around the original lid, the storage under the lid will rimain usable
- Soft pad with real stitchings
- Innovative design

- Flips up possibility
- Specific for auto, it is not universal or adapted item
- Fitting "do by yourself" in only 5 minutes

- Invisible fitting system, no screws or brackets at sight

- High quality of materials
- Armrest Made in Italy

linea separatore orizzontale
Custom made rubber floor mats. They are available in 3 colors: black, grey, beige. High quality atossic automotive materials. Our rubber floor mats for Hyundai Matrixare 100% Made in italy.

Custom made velour floor mats. They are available in 6 colors. Our velour floor mats for Hyundai Matrix are 100% Made in italy.


linea separatore orizzontale

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